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Tarra Khash Classic Lovecraftian horror from one of the masters of the form, British Fantasy Award winner Brian Lumley Tarra Khash is a Hrossak, a barbarian from the steppes beyond the River Luhr A fearless adventurer, Tarra roves Theem hdra in search of his next fortune, his next drink, and warm, willing females to share his bed The Hrossak is a most fortunate man, for he has faced than one god during his travels, and so far escaped unscathed Seeking to avenge the murder of a beautiful young woman of the half mystical Suhm yi, Tarra joins forces with her husband, now the last of his kind Each worships a moon god, and together, their faith and Tarra s weapons wreak a terrible vengeance on those who stole the treasure of the Suhm yi and destroyed that noble race Eager for wealth, Tarra is trapped by a wily old man who has lured him into plumbing the depths of a treasure filled cavern guarded by golden statues of the Great God Cthulhu Cthulhu s treasure is not easily plundered, and Tarra nearly loses his life to the monstrous forces of the Elder God Many men have met the lamia Orbiquita, but none have lived to tell of her extraordinary powers of love making until Tarra Khash, who treats her as a woman wants to be treated and so earns her forgiveness and his life Alas, others who assume her to be weakened by love for Tarra Khash are not so lucky Best Read [ Tarra Khash ] author [ Brian Lumley ] For Kindle ePUB or eBook –

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