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Selected Writings This 1972 book is a collection of Durkheim s writings drawing upon the whole body of his work Dr Giddens takes his selections from a wide variety of sources and includes a number of items from untranslated writings in the Revue Philosophique, Annee Sociologique and from L evolution pedagogue en France Selections from previously translated writings have been checked against the originals and amended or re translated where necessary Dr Giddens arranges his selections thematically rather than chronologically However, extracts from all phases of Durkheim s intellectual career are represented, giving the date of their first publication, which makes the evolution of his thought easily traceable In his introduction Dr Giddens discusses phases in the interpretation of Durkheim s thought, as well as the main themes in his work, with an analysis of the effects of his thinking on modern sociology The book is for students at any level taking courses in sociology, social anthropology and social theory in which Durkheim is one of the major writers studied. New Download Selected Writings Author Émile Durkheim For Kindle ePUB or eBook – grisedalelodge.co.uk

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  1. Excuse my french, but this is an absolute twat of a book First of, the pages are humongous and the font is miniture, which makes even reading a single page seem like a tough feat Then you ve got bloody Durkheim just putting words together to make what I believe he ...

  2. The godfather Nuff said.

  3. A nice overview but I feel like I understand Durkheim s limitationsthan his contributions through this.