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Phantom Warriors MORE GRIPPING, NO HOLDS BARRED LRRP ACCOUNTSFROM THE FRONT LINESDuring the Vietnam War, few combat operations were dangerous than LRRP Ranger missions Vastly outnumbered, the patrols faced overwhelming odds as they fought to carry out their missions, from gathering intelligence, acting as hunter killer teams, or engaging in infamous Parakeet flights actions in which teams were dropped into enemy areas and expected to develop the situation PHANTOM WARRIORS II presents heart pounding, edge of your seat stories from individuals and teams These elite warriors relive sudden deadly firefights, prolonged gun battles with large enemy forces, desperate attempts to help fallen comrades, and the sheer hell of bloody, no quarter combat The LRRP accounts here are a testament to the courage, guts, daring, and sacrifice of the men who willingly faced death every day of their lives in Vietnam. Free Read [ Phantom Warriors ] by [ Gary A. Linderer ] – grisedalelodge.co.uk

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  1. This was a good book It treats LRRP LRP Ranger Platoons Long Range Recon Patrol, Long Range Patrol during the Vietnam conflict The author has chosen stories from different units with the intent of honoring those who served their country I agree with the author, that these brave individu...

  2. An interesting read about the missions of the LRRPS LRPS patrols during the early days of the Vietnam conflict I would read the others in the series, but not keep them as I do not think they rate a reread in my opinion.

  3. Excellent account of those who served in Vietnam If one goes, we all go an LRRP never leaves an LRRP behind once an LRRP, always an LRRP Rangers lead the way Page xiv.All the way.