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Facsimile of Foxes Book of Martyrs, 1583 Foxe s Actes and Monuments of Matters Most Speciall and Memorable is one of the foundation stones of English protestant national identity Over twenty five years, and in than 2,500,000 words, Foxe compiled his history of the church in order to demonstrate that protestantism was the true faith His message shaped English religious and political consciousness for centuries to come with enormous consequences, and the book was second only to the vernacular Bible as a formative influence on English language and culture The 1583 edition was the last for which Foxe was personally responsible Assembled from two separate originals, this facsimile on CD ROM provides the only complete version available The CD ROM combines readable and printable images of the 2,200 pages of text and woodcut engravings from the complete edition The illustrations are displayed as very high resolution facsimiles 400 dots per inch and there is a searchable transcription of Foxe s own index and calendar which catalogues and links to the text and woodcuts The CD ROM comes complete with installation instructions and full on screen help. New Download Kindle ePUB Facsimile of Foxes Book of Martyrs, 1583 Author David G. Newcombe –

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