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Knocking on Deaths Door Krystal Willard has always known that she was different Beginning when she was a child she has been able to get slight flashes when she touches people The things she sees is always horrific and they always end up happening Because she would prefer not to know she avoids physical contact at all costs In the last year things have been going as best as they could Living in a new town she s able to avoid calling attention to herself That Is until women start going missing, Krystal starts seeing ghost, and somehow it s all connected to her missing sister With the unexpected help of Jason and Eli, two of the schools most popular boys she ties to solve the mystery bringing her closer to death s door than ever before. Read Knocking on Deaths Door By Ariel Arnold –

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  1. BrilliantReally enjoyed this book could not read it fast enough Definitely has me guessing as to why and what power the villain has I can t wait for the next book in this series If you enjoy paranormal type books I recommend you read I on l y hope it s not too long for the next instalment

  2. 3.5

  3. Can t wait OMG what a sick Bastard I hope she can save herself and Allie I just knew it was the cop guy Can t wait for part 2